Caroline Kingsbury writes & produces Pop Rock in Los Angeles, CA alongside her cat Billy. You may see her frequenting the 99 Cent store to buy cereal and listening to The Cure. Kingsbury unintentionally looks like Robert Smith with blue hair mixed with an Elvis impersonator. Born in Florida, Caroline does not have a southern accent or a tan but can be characterized as the “Florida man” who can rock like Pat Benatar. The Kingsbury sound has evolved, she is now the ripe age of 24 and making music your parents would have danced to at their senior prom. On a USA/CANADA tour with Rock’n’Roll artist Alex Lahey in August, Kingsbury heard the voice of the Rock Gods ™ through her guitar amplifier…The “Gods” demanded Kingsbury release “Breaking Apart” on October 18th, 2019 (in addition to her two other Hit Singles she released in the Summertime)…So, Kingsbury expectantly obeyed and is releasing Breaking Apart in addition to a MTV ™ certified Music Video. The Rock Gods are pleased, and you will be too…Kingsbury is serving you a cathartic synth rock hip-shaking single that Kingsbury describes as a “a beautiful chasm left behind after coming out to myself as queer...two halves of myself were crashing into each other for so long and finally being honest resulted in self-compassion and this song.” Welcome to the Wonderful World ™ of Kingsbury.